September 8 Devotional

There are certain foods that you eat that cause you comfort.  For each of us, these foods might differ.  You can give me butter covered noodles and a good piece of roast beef and I will be ready to take a nap!  You might like jalapeno peppers and peperoni pizza for your comfort food.  The psalmist wrote about the food that comforted him.  He wrote, “I remembered Thy judgments of old, O LORD; and have comforted myself” (Psalm 119:52).


I was thinking about the things in the Word of God that bring comfort to me.  Here are a few that I hope will be an encouragement to you too.  I am comforted that the Holy Spirit within me is greater, nor more powerful that the Devil who is in this world.  No matter how bad things look around us in this world, remember that our God is still in control.


I am comforted to know that God’s promise to His children is that He will never leave or forsake them.  What a joy to know that regardless of how difficult the things are around me, I have a relationship with God that is strengthened rather than weakened.  I have had people who have told me they were friends to me, but when the difficulties came, those “friends” were long gone!


I am comforted by the fact that I cannot lose the salvation God has given me.  As a matter of fact, Jesus explained that He holds me in His hand and no one can pluck me from His hand.  He then added that His hand is within the hand of God the Father and no one will be able to take me from His hand!  I am told that He gives me “everlasting life” and “eternal life” and that I will live “forever” with my Savior!


I am comforted to know that the Bible I have read my whole life contains the words for life.  I am thankful that I don’t need to trust the opinions of anyone else, or look for another substitute Bible.  I am glad that the verses I memorized when I was a boy are still real and profitable today.  I am glad that we have a Bible that is good for what is right (doctrine), for what is wrong that I need to avoid (reproof) for how to make what is wrong, right (correction) and for staying right (instruction in righteousness).


I am comforted to know that when I am weak and loaded down with burdens, I have a Savior Who is willing to lift me up and carry me along!  What a great God I serve!  I cannot tell you how I appreciate the comfort of these things.  What is there to fear with this God as my Father?


God acts for His glory and for my good.” – Ted Camp