September 5 Devotional

When we were kids we played a game we called, “King of the hill.”  It was really not that difficult to understand the rules for the game at all.  One guy stood at the top of a hill and all the other guys tried to replace him on the top of the hill.  Being one of the smaller guys, I always let the bigger guys “duke it out” and then would push them down the hill when their momentum got the best of them.


We are living in a time when the world is trying to bully our Bible out of the exalted place God meant for it to have in our lives.  Many are scoffing at it; mocking it as though it is outdated; but I am committed to standing squarely on its truths and I’m not moving!  The psalmist wrote, “Establish Thy Word unto Thy servant, who is devoted to Thy fear” (Psalm 119:38).  When I read this, I paused to ask God to do exactly what that verse clearly says … I want His Word to be “established” in my life for the entire world to see.  That word means to confirm the Word, or to make it firm and true.  That’s what I want for my foundation today.


I think we believers spend far too much time worrying about how wrong the world is when we should be concerned about what we should do.  If we believers would simply read this book on a daily basis and then obey what we see there, we would be in far better spiritual shape than we are in today.  We complain a good bit about what’s being done in the White House and in our different governments when the bigger issues are what we are doing in our church house!  Revival in America (or whatever country you are reading this in) will never start with our governments!  Revival always begins in the heart of individuals who allow the Word of God to be the foundation they are established on!


Let’s not be guilty of reading our Bible or these devotionals and doing nothing to change our lives before God!  What a horrible thing it would be if we devote the time and effort to allow our eyes to run across the words on the pages of our Bibles, and walk away unchanged!  Israel was a nation blessed of God with the words of God, but they continually sought the gods of the nations that were sinking in despair around them.  Wake up today and commit your heart to the truths you know in the Word of God!  Don’t let another day pass where you just wander through twenty-four hours with little or no thought to what impact the Word of God should have on your heart!  Stand strong on the Word of God today!


Today there is much activity, but little accomplishment.” – Unknown