September 4 Devotional

Just before I was born, a so-called expert came on the scene to tell parents how to raise their children.  Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote a book called “Baby and Child Care.”  It became the standard many parents lived by in raising their children.  I’m very thankful that my parents did not buy a copy.  The counsel given in that book was later found to be absolutely wrong.  I am thankful that my parents had a copy of the Book of books, the Bible.  They practiced what the psalmist wrote in Psalm 119 … “Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors” (Psalm 119:24).


Where are you going to get your advice from for the day today?  Whose counsel will be most important to you in making life’s decisions?  Where will you turn when trouble is just ahead?  These are choices you are going to make today that will affect where you end up in the future.  Ted Camp has said many times “Decisions determine directions. Directions determine destinations.”  The simple decisions you will make today are going to influence where you will go and the direction your life will take.


Bad decisions based on the advice of this world will lead to problems and heart-ache.  Good decisions will lead you to stability and success.  Making good decisions (decisions based on the truths of the Word of God) will not always be easy, but they will always be best for your life.  There are people in this world today love to mock the Word of God and the principles that are in it, telling you that they are outdated and unreliable.  These people do this while fumbling through their lives making a mess at every turn because of ignoring those principles and truths.  Don’t fall into their trap.  A person once said, “Misery loves company;” and it is true, these kinds of people want you to agree with them and join their misery.  Don’t follow them!


The last thing I will say to you today is that there is no value in having a Bible that remains closed.  If you want your Bible to become your counselor, you will need to open it and search for the answers to your challenges on a daily basis.  You are going to have daily challenges … you will need daily counseling sessions with the Word of God.  I promise you … the answers you need for the challenges you are facing and will face, are all found in the Word of God.  Don’t allow this foolish world to decide for you who has the advice you need.  Just check out the lives of some of those who are called counselors in our day.  They are searching without success for answers themselves.  Trust God’s counsel, you will not be sorry.