September 15 Devotional

I remember a day in the Spring of the year when I drove a group of elementary students to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for a field trip.  They were going to the Science Center and different things there at the Inner Harbor.  I was the bus driver, so while they were in the different museums and things, I had free time to just walk around the harbor.  I was walking along where all the shops are, when I noticed a very large yacht parked right against the wall of the harbor.  I was curious and walked around looking at the yacht.  When I went around the back of the yacht, I noticed its name in large letters … TRUMP.


I remember standing there for a little bit just wondering what it would be like to have enough money to buy myself a “toy” like that.  But, I quickly thought about the home I have waiting for me in Heaven.  That yacht will be able to float in my bathtub there!  Today I read a great verse with very practical truth.  “Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith” (Proverbs 15:16).  I want to encourage you today to keep a proper perspective on your life.  Those who have the most money often have the least peace and real contentment.  Don’t spend your life trying to amass a great deal of money while forgetting the things God is interested in.


Do you think God is even slightly impressed with the yacht that I stared at for the better part of a half hour?  I don’t think God is even slightly impressed with that, or any of the other things the people of our world seem so obsessed by.  We are living in such a materialistic world.  It is important for us to stop once-in-awhile to really consider what things are most important to our God.  This verse clearly states that the fear of the Lord is far more important that your treasure.  Are you investing your life in things you know are most important to God?


Spending time with that child who comes from a single-parent home is more important to God than what the label is on the clothing you are wearing.  Stopping long enough to hand a tract to that person God touched your heart about is more important than any trip you might make to the greatest mall in the entire world.  Spending time in the Word of God is time better spend than “surfing the net” for unimportant facts and figures.  Let’s all give our full effort for the things that will please our Heavenly Father today.