September 1 Devotional

I remember being in Jerusalem and seeing the famous “Wailing Wall,” or the western wall of the temple in Jerusalem.  We were able to go through a tunnel that follows that western wall underground.  Of course, it would have been ground level during the days of Jesus, but there have been many streets and building built on top of it now.  There were two things that really impressed me while looking at this huge stone.


First, I was impressed by the massive size of one of the foundational stones that could be seen in that tunnel.  The guide told us that this one stone weighed over three tons.  What was amazing was that it was placed in the correct place without the help of any machinery.  It was moved into that spot by the strength of many men working together.  That amazed me.  The other thing that really grabbed my attention was that the stone was still there, doing what it was designed to do.  Even though the city had changed much above that stone … the stone remained in its place, doing what it was designed to do.


I thought about that stone when reading in Psalm 118 today.  “The Stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner” (Psalm 118:22).  To us today looking at that large stone in its place along the western wall of Jerusalem, we would think it was impossible for it to be cut out of the mountain it was in, and then for it to be moved into its place in that foundation.  To the Jews who were alive when Jesus walked on this earth, they looked at Jesus and decided in their hearts that there was no way this man could be the Messiah.  It did not fit the mold they had invented in their minds for what the Messiah would look like.


There are still many skeptical people around today who reject the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  If we want to live successfully in this world, we must realize that Jesus Christ should be the centerpiece of whatever we are doing.  When you prepare to make a decision today about anything in your life, ask yourself how Jesus would view the situation you are facing.  Ask yourself how Jesus would react if He were in your place.  Seek to give counsel that He would have given.  In order to do this, you need to spend time getting to know Him better!  The Bible is full of truths about Jesus Christ that I believe are there for our good and our knowledge of Him.  It is not enough to know about Him; we must live like Him as well.  Let Jesus Christ be the foundational Rock that you build your life upon!