October 9 Devotional

There are many loud voices today telling us that God is not God, and that our faith in Him is nothing more than a crutch to lean our weaknesses upon.  I could not disagree more.  I was reading today in the 135th Psalm, and read these words … “For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods” (Psalm 135:5).  When we were children, many learned by repeating, “God is great … God is good … and we thank Him for our food.”  I would rather have been raise memorizing this simple prayer, than to have been raised by the philosophers of my day, or this day.  I don’t care what you tell me about God … I know Him!


I know our world tries to paint a picture for us about Who God really is, but it is very difficult for someone to explain a person they have never met before.  For example, if you asked me to describe (hero to many) Mickey Mantle to you, I would be totally dependent upon what I have read or heard, but I never me the man.  My testimony would be “third-hand” information at best.  I would not trust that what I told you about him would be true, because I never met him.  Now, if you asked me about Pat Bracelin, I could spend hours describing my hero to you.  You see, I lived with this man for a major part of my life.  I have seen him at his best and worst.  He has seen me at my best and worst.  I know him!


Why then should we depend on a world that hates our God to tell us what He is like?  I don’t, and I won’t – I want to encourage you to join me.  Meet God yourself.  Right now I am sitting with my Bible opened in front of me with my goal being to get to know Him a little better today than I did yesterday.  I know God!  I have known His chastening when I have walked out of His will.  I have known His loving call to return to His will.  I have seen (on the pages of my Bible) the disappointment on His face when I get involved in sin, but I have also seen Him standing on the back porch, waiting for me to come back.  I will not depend on this world to tell me what God is like … I want to spend as much of my time looking in His face as I can!  I don’t want to miss the end of this verse.  It says simply, “… our Lord is above all gods.”  I don’t know another god/idol that has been given the characteristic of love.  Whatever you are worshipping that has replaced God in your life will be a cruel task-master.  It will demand all your time and offer you nothing in return.  It will not give you comfort in time of need.  It will not provide for you anything except the demand for more!  Remember that simple child’s prayer … God is great … God is good.  He really is, and there is no other!  Get to know Him better today!