October 6 Devotional

There are very few things in this world that are more valuable than a real friend.  Someone has said that if you have good friends that you can count on your hands, you are blest.  I would agree.  There is a formula that the Bible gives us to getting the right kind of friends.  It sounds simple enough, but it will take a lifetime to perfect.  “Do this now, my son, and deliver thyself, when thou art come into the hand of thy friend; go, humble thyself, and make sure thy friend” (Proverbs 6:3).  There it is … sounds simple, but it takes all you have to make it happen.


According to this verse, there are two things that make a friendship strong.  The first thing is to be humble before your friend.  This word, humble, has the idea of flattening yourself prostrate on the ground.  In other words, don’t come into the relationship of friendship with the idea that the other person is lucky to have you as a friend.  You ought to view the relationships with friends with the idea of how you can serve that other person, not by thinking about what that person can do for you.  Humility is not a popular topic any more, but it is still very important to our Heavenly Father.  He speaks about it often.  The word appears twenty-five times in our Bible.  It is something that is important to God.


Jesus demonstrated the ultimate humility when He was here on the earth.  He has been called the “friend of sinners.”  One of the reasons for Him being such a good friend to us was His willingness to prostrate Himself, leaving the glories of Heaven and taking on the form of a servant for our salvation!  With Him as our ultimate example, I think it is important for us to show genuine humility to those we call friends today.  Don’t hesitate to serve those you call friends.  Don’t wait for them to do something for your benefit, do something for them that demonstrate your desire to help them.


The second thing we need to do to demonstrate true friendship is to make “sure” or friends.  This word means to embolden them; to strengthen them; to give them a feeling of importance.  Your friends ought to feel that there is nothing you would not do for them if they had a need.  They should know that if they call in need, you will be willing to drop whatever you are doing to go to help them with that need.  They should know that there is no price that is too high for you to pay for your friendship.  Again, the ultimate example of this is Jesus Christ.  He left the comfort of Heaven in order to rescue your soul from the pit of Hell!  He gave up all He had in order to secure your eternal home in Heaven.  Make sure you are a friend to Jesus!