October 12 Devotional

There was an old song that had a line in it that said, “… brighten the corner where you are.”  Today I read this, and thought about the responsibility each Christian has to be a positive influence in this world today.  “Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad” (Proverbs 12:25).  This world we are living in has plenty of complainers and people who are ready to share all their grief with you.  A believer ought to have a light to bring into that darkened room!


I know that a Christian faces just as tough a time in this world as those without Christ do.  I know that Christians get cancer and face death.  I know that Christians lose children long before we thought they should go.  I know Christians have arthritis and rheumatism and shingles and all the other stuff.  I know that we are facing times in our world when it is not popular to be a Christian and take a stand.  I know that there are people making false and damaging accusations against people simply for standing for Christ today.  I know all these things … but it is time for us believers to live like we are on our way to Heaven!


A friend of mine spoke of someone we each knew this way … he said that when this person (a believer) walked into his place of business, it was as if a dark cloud came with them.  Don’t let that be said about you!  I have known the opposite kind of person too.  I have known people that came into a room, and no matter how dark it had seemed before they came in, things seemed a bit better when they arrived.  Let that be your goal today as you go through your normal routine.


You can take “heaviness” into a room … or you can bring a “good word” and gladness will follow you.  You realize that you get to choose what you will bring with you into a room.  You will take one of the two of these.  It is time for some of us to stop looking around us at the discouraging things that are happening, and to look to our Master for help, guidance and joy!  It is time that this world saw an authentic joy that comes only from the throne of Almighty God and has spread its way into our hearts and lives!  It is time that we who are going to Heaven begin to live in such a way that we are a good advertisement for others to join us, rather than driving them away from the Gospel because of our negative attitude.


Recognize today that you are the only person who will walk in your footsteps.  Make sure that you touch the people God will bring across your path in the way He hoped you would.  Bring a ray of sunshine today!