October 10 Devotional

Today, as God would have it, I read Psalm 136.  All twenty-six verses contain the same ending … “His mercy endureth forever.”  The writer praises God because He is the God of all gods, and the Lord of all lords.  Because He made the heavens; He stretched out the earth above the waters; He made the sun, moon, and stars; He defeats the enemies of God’s people; He demonstrates His power for His children.  This chapter is stacked full of reasons we have seen the mercy of God meeting the needs of His children at just the right time.


Yesterday I received an email from a friend who knows a couple that recently were told of some serious health challenges they would face in the days ahead.  Yesterday morning, the wife fell on her face before God and told Him that they were going to trust Him completely.  She was in the process of memorizing Psalm 27:1, and simply cried out to God that she needed encouragement from Him for all they were facing.  She even specifically asked God to show here something in writing.  About the time she uttered that prayer to God, she heard a swishing noise outside and stepped to the window looking toward the sound.  As she looked toward her neighbor’s house, she saw a hot-air balloon coming over her neighbor’s roof to land in her back-yard.  She noticed something was written on the side of the balloon … “DO ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.


Tell me your God does not know about what you are going through!  Toward the end of Psalm 136 it says, “Who remembered us in our low estate: for His mercy endureth forever” (Psalm 136:23).  I want you to know that God knows you … even when you are in a “low estate.”  God touched the heart of a Christian couple who own a hot-air balloon company to put the phrase, “Do all for the glory of God” on the side of their balloon months ago.  They launched that very balloon hours before this dear lady fell to her knees.  God sent the exact right wind to get that balloon to her home at exactly the time she would reach that “low estate.”  As my friend Henry shared this story with me he said, “Either that is a coincidence or a direct act of God … I choose the second!”


Stop for a moment with me and praise God for His mercies that endure forever!  I don’t know who reads this … and I certainly don’t know what you are facing today or in the future … but I know that my Heavenly Father has mercy that will endure forever.  I also know that He hears the cries of His people!  I also know that He can send an air-balloon to you too, if you will trust Him!  Look up today!  Your help comes from above!