November 3 Devotional

When I was a young boy playing in the back yard, there was always something comforting when I saw my Mom or my Grandmom looking out the kitchen window.  If I fell and hurt myself, or if the neighborhood bully was about to pummel me … it was good to know I had “back-up.”  There was a specific time that I remember my neighborhood bully trying to end my life.  He had me pinned to the ground, and I was heavily involved in intercessory prayer … for myself … when I heard the sweet, melodious tones of my Grandmothers voice threatening to “shake the liver loose” of the bully if he did not get off me.  To my surprise, he responded as my Grandmother had said.  I looked over at her and she happened to be waving a cast iron frying pan while issuing the threat.  It’s always good to know someone is watching!


The LORD is in His holy temple, the LORD’s throne is in heaven: His eyes behold, His eyelids try, the children of men” (Psalm 11:4).  What a thrill to know in these difficult times, it is great to know that our Heavenly Father is at the window of Heaven watching all that is happening around us.  Nothing surprises Him!  He is on guard for the sake of His children!  When the bullies of life have you pinned down, don’t worry too much … God has more than a cast iron frying pan!


There was one other thing that Mom looking out of the kitchen window did for me … I was forced to behave.  That occasional gaze from the window kept me in line.  I knew that if my Mom looked out that window and I was doing something I was not supposed to be doing that there would be a wooden spoon in my future.  I already wrote about the wooden spoon, so I will not dwell on it any more here.


There is something about knowing that the authority is looking at you.  I noticed when driving that if a police officer is spotted sitting in his car on the side of the road, all the drivers immediately slow down.  It doesn’t even matter if they were obeying the speed limit before they saw him/her, they still slow down to a safer speed!  It is the same with God and me.  Knowing He is watching me helps me to obey the spiritual “speed limits” He has given me in the Word of God.  Today I am both encouraged and challenged to think that God is watching everything that is happening around me.  I am encouraged that He has a watchful, protective eye on me.  I am challenged to think of all the times I fail Him that He sees openly and plainly.  I want to please Him today.  I need His protection.  I will trust Him throughout today!