November 27 Devotional

There was a show on years ago that I looked forward to watching on Saturday afternoons that was called, “The Wide World of Sports.”  I can remember as a boy looking forward to seeing the different sports that I never got to see in my neighborhood (this is long before ESPN’s 24 hour a day coverage of every living “sporting event”).  In their opening tag, they said, “… the thrill of victory … the agony of defeat …” I can still see the poor skier falling off the bottom of the ramp before he ever made a spectacular jump.


The reality is that the victories we attain here on this earth that are “man-made” will all be very short-lived.  The victories we ought to aim for should be “God-made,” and we can be sure they will last for eternity.  Today I read, “I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears … Oh taste and see that the LORD is good: Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him” (Psalm 34:4, 8).  When you and I seek the Lord, there is a promise of delivery from fear.  As I look around this world today, I don’t believe there is a nation on this earth that fear is not running all throughout the people.  This world is not our home … we’re just passing through.  On this earth there is a promise that there will be tribulation, but Jesus told us that He has overcome the world.  I am grateful that there is a God Who is bigger than any of my fears.  I need to keep my focus on seeking Him alone on a daily basis.


Do you really want to be blessed today?  If you do, you need to join those who have gone before us who trusted God for every little detail of life.  Those people experienced the blessing of God, and His promise is still real for us today.  That eighth verse said to “Taste and see …” It means that it is not enough for you and me to hear stories from Christians of the past as to how good God was to them.  I need to trust Him myself.  I need to read and believe His Word.  I need to walk with Him daily and see His hand of provision and protection.  I need to seek Him and watch my fears disappear.  I need to experience (taste and see) for myself that God is real.


This is not something we can get from reading a book (other than the Bible).  This is not something we can get from attending a seminar.  This is not something that someone other than the Holy Spirit can give you.  We must walk with God, Himself if we want this kind of blessing and deliverance.  I want to encourage you to spend some time sitting at the feet of Jesus today.  Look into His eyes and learn His ways.  Ask God for this closeness to Him.