November 24 Devotional

November 24, 1979 God gave me a help-meet.  The Bible says that when a man finds a wife, he finds a “good thing.”  Now ladies, don’t get upset about the word “thing.”  I would argue slightly with the word “good.”  Thirty-three years ago I was twenty-two and I married a girl who was only twenty.  Many times in recent years I have wondered what her parents must have been thinking.  They had raised this young lady to have a fear of God; to be faithful to her church; to love a Savior Who gave His life for her; and had taught her to love and respect her future husband.  I would call that a “great thing.


On our wedding day, we claimed a verse that many couples may have claimed as well, but we have never forgotten Psalm 34:3.  “O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.”  I will be the first to admit to you that we have not always magnified the Lord.  There have been failures on both our parts through these years, but like anything else, success will always involve some pitfalls along the way.  I praise God that today we celebrate thirty-three years together …still holding hands … still in love … still reaching for the goal of “exalting His name together.”  Since it is my anniversary, I would like to ask for grace from you to share more than one verse.


Through wisdom is a house builded; and by understanding it is established: and by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches” (Proverbs 24:4-5).  When I read these verses this morning, I was reminded that building a house takes a great deal of work and effort.  It will involve hitting your thumb a few times with a hammer … it will involve a few wrong measurements where things need to be started all over again.  Building a home is no different.  There are far too many people who begin to build a home, but at the first signs of trouble, they stop the building and leave a house unfinished.


I have also noticed that a good builder will continue building in spite of bad weather and adverse circumstances.  I have seen some incredible things built when the proper materials were not available, and the conditions were not perfect.  Follow the example of the Master Builder.  God continues to work on us, even though we have faults and flaws.  His faithfulness is never-ending.  If you and I will build our lives attempting to exalt His name, He will build something that will last through the tests of time.  “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small” (Proverbs 24:11).

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