May 7 Devotional

I am reminded by my own conscience and the Holy Spirit, that I am not perfect.  Every day I try so hard to be perfect, but I rarely make it through breakfast before I have failed the Lord.  This may shatter your opinion of me, but I am convinced that we are all in the same boat together when it comes to our sinfulness.  We tend to rationalize our sins away, or look at them through our eyes, where we minimize their significance.  The reality is that when we see ourselves like God sees us; we realize that in us there dwells no good thing!


I am extremely convicted to strive to live a godly and holy life every day.  I don’t want to offer up a filthy, sin-riddled life to my God for Him to use.  I want to offer a clean vessel that He can use, whenever and wherever He sees the need.  Job’s friend, Zophar made this statement when “encouraging” Job: “If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacle.  For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be steadfast, and shalt not fear” (Job 11:14-15).  Zophar was incorrect in judging Job in this time, but these words he spoke are absolutely true.


Today we ought to examine what is in our hand that we are offering God, and if we see sin there, we ought to remove it before we make that offering.  Can you imagine a Philly cheese steak … with fried onions mixed in … and cheese melted throughout … on a freshly made roll … I don’t know about you, but that makes me hungry.  Now, can you imagine that a person who was cleaning out Port-A-Potties without gloves is holding it out to you with those hands?  Not so appetizing now!  As gross as this sounds to me, I must admit that there have been times I was making a promise to God while trying to ignore some sin I knew was in my life.


God cannot be fooled!  We cannot hide our sin from Him!  He knows everything about us, and He is just.  He must judge unconfessed sin.  Now, for the believer, our sins have been judged on the cross, and the debt is paid in full without a question.  However, if we allow sin to dwell in our heart and life, we are limiting our fellowship with the Heavenly Father.  Take a moment to examine your heart today.  Confess known sin and repent of it.  Ask God to mend the broken bones in your relationship with Him, and make plans to stay as far away from that sin as possible going forward.


Real Christianity is nothing more than a series of new beginnings. There are times when everyone needs a new beginning.” – Fred Brown