May 6 Devotional

Two of my teenage friends and I decided to go on an adventure one weekend.  We packed our camping gear; some canned foods; and off we went … without much of a plan, except that we were going to have fun.  We went to a trail that wound all through the mountains of Pennsylvania, and the neighboring states.  As we started up the mountain, one of my friends said, “Watch where you step … there are snakes in these rocks.”  I don’t know about you, but I don’t like snakes even a tiny little bit.  When my friend made that statement, my eyes began working double overtime looking for anything that resembled a snake.


As a Christian, I also need to watch where I step.  “For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish” (Psalm 1:6).  There are two things I want to emphasize to you today from this verse.  First, we need to watch for dangerous situations that might draw us into sin, and away from the will of God.  Not every opportunity is a good one.  Some things that are made available to us should be avoided because they would be harmful.  We know what many of these things are, but sometimes we think we can handle the temptation.  It is best to avoid the tempting situations all together if possible.  Be careful where you go today; both with your feet, but also on your computer and in your mind.  Many good, solid Christians are falling into sin today in their own home … in front of their computers.  Be very cautious when opening up that computer … you are opening up your mind at the same time.  Remember “… the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous …


The second warning that I see in this short verse is to make sure you are following godly people.  The ungodly will not walk in the way of the Lord; they will walk led completely by their sinful flesh.  Don’t follow an ungodly person even for a minute!  Their advice is motivated by sinful desires.  Their pleasures are designed to be pleasant only for a season.  Their way of thinking is the opposite of what the Lord wants you to think.  Be very, very careful about taking the advice of the ungodly, or following them in any way!


On that hike I talked about in the beginning of this devotional … my eyes were so tired by the end of the day from watching every crevice and hole I stepped over – I want to be that diligent today to ensure I walk with God!  Stay true to God … the ungodly are perishing and need our help!


Reputation is precious but character is priceless.” – Curtis Hutson