May 4 Devotional

Every once-in-awhile we all get feeling pretty good about ourselves.  We start to believe the lies we tell ourselves about how good we are, and how lucky everyone else is to know us.  Oh, we would never come right out and say it, but we all have these feelings of superiority at times.  Let me give you some proof of that … you always feel that your opinions are right, and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong.  You are sure that the way you see things is accurate, and again, anyone who disagrees with you is either ill-informed, or just not smart enough to see it your way.  The honest reality is exactly as Job stated it in the Old Testament book named after him.  He said, ‘If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: If I say, ‘I am perfect,’ it shall also prove me perverse” (Job 9:20).


Those are pretty strong words, but they are also very accurate words.  We can try to justify our actions, but the reality is that within each of us dwells a deceitful and desperately wicked heart that constantly produces evil.  That heart produces evil thoughts, words and eventually actions.  Today instead of trying to convince yourself of your value, why not agree with God and see yourself for who you really are.  You are a sinner without excuse!  You should stop and thank God for saving you “while you were yet a sinner.”  When you consider Job, think about what he was facing when he made this statement.  He had lost his children, barns, cattle, and pretty much all his earthly possessions in a very short time period.  He then got boils that covered his entire body, causing him to stink and suffer excruciating pain.  His own wife’s advice to him was to curse God and die (she also was suffering the loss of children, etc.).


To add to the suffering he was experiencing, he had “friends” that came to “comfort” him by pointing out his own sinfulness.  You and I might have been tempted to strike back at them and tell them all the sins we knew about them.  Job, instead, realized the truth that he was condemned by his own actions, and that any defense of him would have been “perverse.”  Take a moment to view yourself accurately before God.  Then take a good deal of time to thank God for saving you anyway!  We don’t deserve one good thing in this life.  The wages of our sin is/was death!  What a great God we serve, Who can know everything about us (including all our wretched sin), and still love us!  He loved us so much that His only Son gave Himself for our sin!  It doesn’t get any better than that! Stop and thank Him today.


We seem to magnify the faults of others and minimize our own.