May 31 Devotional

There were many that followed Jesus when He was walking on this earth, simply to see a show of some kind.  They were waiting to see a miracle, or be fed in some unique way, or they were just curious.  There are many today who are going to church simply to see the show; to get some free food; to make good business contacts … really they are going to get something for free out of it without having to put much into it.  After Jesus fed the 5,000, people flocked to see Him again just to get some more bread for free.  When Jesus taught them the exclusivity of the Gospel (He was the only way to reach the Father and touch Heaven) … “From that time many of His disciples went back, and walked no more with Him” (John 6:66).

This exodus of these so-called “disciples” caused Jesus to ask those original twelve disciples a question.   “Then said Jesus unto the twelve, ‘Will ye also go away” (John 6:67)?  Jesus wanted to know how committed these men were to what He was doing.  In a way, I believe Jesus was taking their spiritual pulse.  He wanted to check their spiritual heartbeat.  Were these men in this thing to see some miraculous event take place, or to be fed, or to gain something for themselves personally?  I think Jesus is asking the same kinds of questions of us today.  Will you teach the Sunday School class you are in charge of in order to get a higher standing in your church?… or to gain the approval of someone else in the church? … or out of a sense of guilt?

I believe our Heavenly Father is looking for some people who will serve Him out of love for Him and what He has done for them through Christ.  Where are these kinds of workers today?  There are still many that are doing this.  We may never hear their name.  We may never see them promoted even in the churches where they serve.  We may never read their name in a Christian publication.  Let me tell you this … God knows their names!  He is fully aware of what they are doing and what they have done!

In response to Jesus’ question about whether or not the twelve would leave, “Then Simon Peter answered Him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life’” (John 6:68).  Peter’s answer is a great one that each of us needs to consider today.  There is no other place to go to serve that is better!  There is no earthly boss we can follow that will bring more joy to your life.  Serving Jesus Christ is the greatest joy we can experience here on the earth!  He has the words of life!  He is the Light!  He is the Bread!  He is the way, truth, and life!  He is all that we will ever need, and He ought to be our Leader today.  If you’ve fallen into the trap of pleasing men rather than pleasing Him, repent and return to Him today!

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