May 3 Devotional

Have you ever met someone that everyone thought was famous?  Do you have the autograph of someone you have admired?  When I was a teenager, my mother worked part-time at a local department store.  One day she came home very excited.  One of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball players had come into her store, and she got me a baseball with his signature on it.  I honestly cannot even remember who the guy was.  As a matter of fact, my friends and I played with that ball later on when we had lost all the balls we normally played with.  I guess he wasn’t that famous.  But, I do know Someone Who is famous! “Let them praise the name of the LORD: For His name alone is excellent; His glory is above the earth and heaven” (Psalm 148:13).


We love to exalt people to a place of fame in our society today.  When you have done this, it will not take much examination of their life to show you that they were not necessarily the person had projected them to be in your mind.  They will eventually fail to uphold the position of excellence you have given them.  One thing I try to remind myself about whenever reading the Bible is that the men and women we have given the standing of “hero” in our Bible’s were simply human, just like us.  They have failures and blemishes just like each of us.


The more you study God … the more excellent He is.  The deeper you dig into the character and personality of God, the greater He becomes.  What a joy to know this God as our Savior!  I am so thankful that it was God Who paid for my sin debt … I am so grateful that the King of all kings paid off what I owed for my sin … and I know Him personally!  I can’t get over that!  I know the God Who spoke and the stars were formed and placed strategically in the universe.  I know God intimately.  He is my Heavenly Father!  He is the one Who cares for me when all others have forsaken me and run the other way!  He is the one Who provides for every one of my needs, and the One I can trust not to give me what I think I need.  He guards my heart and gives me the things that I need the most.  He gave me a “love letter” I call the Bible where I can read His promises everyday.  He has given me this Book that has changed my life and continues to change it every day.  What a great God!  His name really is excellent … and I want to tell everyone about Him that I can.  Will you join me today and tell someone about Him today?


No man can serve two masters, but he must serve one.” – Adrian Rogers