May 29 Devotional

There have been times in my Christian life that God touched my heart to do things that did not make any sense to me.  There were times God prompted my heart to give when I had needs of my own.  There were times God nudged me to go places I had no desire to go, to do things I did not feel qualified to do.  There have been ministry opportunities that God has placed before me that would not have been my choice at all, and yet there is a wide open door to walk through.


In His infinite wisdom, God allows each of us to go through times of testing to reveal our spiritual character.  Many times we struggle against His hand during these times, until we finally come to the place of complete surrender.  It is at that time that God shows us clearly His plan for that testing time.  Abraham and Sarah had just seen the birth of the son God promised them after waiting a very long time for his birth.  That son, Isaac, had grown to be a young man somewhere around fifteen or sixteen years old when God instructed Abraham to offer him as a sacrifice.  God then told him to begin to walk, and He would show him the right place for the offering to be made.  Abraham rose early in the morning with Isaac and a few servants.  He did not wait until mid-day, or evening, but obeyed early in the morning.


Then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw the place afar off” (Genesis 22:4).  Have you ever wondered how Abraham knew this was “the” place?  Abraham’s obedience led him every step he took.  If he had been fighting God’s plan, or questioning the wisdom of the instruction, he might not have known the right place to stop.  You see, God knew about the ram that would be caught in the thicket.  He had already planned for the sacrificial ram.  God wanted to see the sacrificial heart of Abraham clearly demonstrated.  That ram was already lingering near the place of sacrifice, just waiting for the arrival of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:13).


I wonder about my walk with God … am I totally committed to God’s plan for me?  Am I willing to do things that do not make sense to me?  Beyond that, I wonder if when I see the will of God for me that I do that will with all my strength and energy, or do I waste time arguing with God and trying to show Him an alternative to His plan?  How many “rams” have I missed because of a lack of obedience?  How many “escape routes” did God have in mind for me when I took that detour in my Christian life to do what seemed right to me? Walk with God in obedience today … a ram is waiting.


We have a God Who delights in impossibilities.” – Andrew Murray