May 22 Devotional

We are now using words like, Tsunami … religious Jihad … nuclear war-heads … famine … Aides … earthquake, and many more like these.  We are living in a time in the history of mankind when there seems to be a shaking of the very foundations we have become accustom to living on.  With the advancement in technologies you would think that cancer would be a thing of the past, but year after year thousands are dying of this disease.  You would think that we would have developed vehicles where accidents could be avoided, yet thousands are dying in automobile accidents every year.  You would think with the talk of peace on the lips of every politician that we would all have come to a point of agreement and could live peaceably with each other.  There is one problem with all these … we are still sinners!


There is one hope for our world and for you personally today.  The Bible says, “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but My words shall not pass away” (Luke 21:33).  PRAISE GOD for your Bible!  It is the foundation to build your life upon.  Oh, you have choices that do not include the Bible.  You can trust the politicians that run your state/country.  You can believe that what they say will actually happen and you will be safe for the remainder of your life.  You can trust your bank, or the place you have held your money for the future.  You might trust your religious leader.  Although, we have seen vividly in our lifetime that they are but flesh, and they can and will fail too.  You can trust your doctor with your health.  If you are afraid of all of these, you can bury your money in a jar in the back yard and lock your doors and stay inside!  You can trust your school when tough times come.  There is one problem there … many schools have compromised so much in order to attract more students that they have become like ships driven by whatever wind is blowing the hardest at the time.


Nine of the things we might substitute for the Word of God will hold firm when difficulties come.  The Bible you have is THE foundation that you ought to build your life on.  You may not always like what it says (it is convicting), but you can depend on it always being true!  There will never be a day when it is proven false.  For centuries of time the skeptics have tried to discredit the Bible, but it has stood, and will stand strong forever!  Read it, and trust it to guide you in your life today and into the future!


It’s not what I don’t know about the Bible that bothers me.  It’s what I do know that bothers me.” – Mark Twain