May 20 Devotional

Have you ever been in a place that you were unfamiliar with, and you wandered into the wrong area?  Recently I was visiting a friend in a hospital in another state.  I had driven a long distance to get to see him and entered a hospital I had never seen before.  After driving all day, my mind was not a sharp as normal (I was in trouble).  I tried to make mental notes of how I was entering the hospital, which halls I went down, where I got on the elevator, etc.  I was trying to leave a mental “bread trail” so I could find my way out of the hospital later that night.  When I finished my three-hour visit that night and started out of the hospital, I had totally forgotten how I got in there.  I followed the EXIT signs and found myself on the bottom floor of the hospital, but coming out to a parking area that was not where I left my car.  I tried to re-enter the first floor of the hospital, only to find the door locked.  I then went back up the stairs to the second floor and entered the floor.  When I turned the corner, I realized I was in the middle of the surgical unit.  I met an orderly who looked at me like you look at a puzzle piece that does not fit.  I was in the wrong place!


In my reading today, I came across two questions that come to the same answer.  First question: “LORD, who shall abide in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in Thy holy hill” (Psalm 15:1)?  Second question: “Who can say, ‘I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin’” (Proverbs 20:9)?  The true answer is that none of us deserves to stand in the presence of a pure and perfect God!  The truth I want to touch your heart with today is this … there is not one person on this earth who could rightfully live in the presence of God, or claim to have a clean and pure heart, except Jesus Christ!  None of us can claim that we are pure and clean from our sin … except we have experienced the forgiving power of the blood of Jesus Christ.  If you were to try to enter Heaven without Jesus Christ, someone would ask you (like that orderly in the hospital asked me), “What are you doing in here?”


There is a great song I heard a Bible College group sing that included a phrase that said, “I have come by the way of the cross.”  In other words, there is nothing that we can do to earn the right to enter Heaven.  We do not deserve to be there, but we can stand fully justified if we come through the blood of Jesus Christ.  We do not deserve to be there, but we know the One Who does.  Stand tall in Jesus Christ today, and thank Him again for saving your wretched soul!  He is all you need!


God does not appreciate what He does not initiate.” – Unknown