May 14 Devotional

Why would a person that is so important take any time to speak to me?  I knew a pastor (who has now graduated to Heaven) that I considered a giant of the faith.  This was a man who read his Bible through every year for over sixty years!  I often said that he did not speak English; he spoke King James Version.  The reason I said that was because when he talked with you, the verses he had memorized came out of his mouth as naturally as his normal conversation.  He was truly a man of God.  At one time in my life I was facing some very real challenges.  I found out that like Job, many of the people I thought were friends chose to turn their back and hide in the bushes.  This man (who had started two churches that grew to be large churches) did not run from me, but picked up his phone and called me.  He came to me!  He actually cared about me!


There is Someone far greater than this man, or any other man.  Listen to how the psalmist describes his fascination with the attention of God for him: “What is man, that Thou art mindful of him?  And the son of man, that Thou visitest him” (Psalm 8:4)?  Why would our perfect, pure, holy, righteous God care anything for us sinners?  Why would He Who knew no sin, become sin for us?  Why would God Who gives clear instructions in His Word for us to live godly, holy lives, care for us even when we fail and disappoint Him?  He came to us when we needed Him the most, and deserved His grace the least!  That is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother!  That is a Friend that would literally give His life for you … and me!  Praise God for being God and still loving me.


Just about the time I start to feel a little puffed up and proud of myself, I remember that I am a wretched sinner (I actually do not need to think hard at all to know this), and that I had no claim on the love of God.  Then I remember that the love of God on me was His decision, and had nothing to do with my merit, my works, by “good things,” or any other thing I could produce.  It is totally, 100% His doing to love and save me.  I had nothing to bring to Him that made Him say, “Wow, that Jim is a good fella!”  He had to look through His precious Son’s death on the cross, burial in a borrowed tomb, and resurrection from the dead to see me as righteous.  Praise God … Praise God … Praise God!  If you were feeling that God is lucky to have you today … stop and remember who you “really” are, and thank Him for loving an ugly sinner like you today!  Thank you God for visiting us!


I am always aware of my human limitations and abilities.” – Ted Camp