May 13 Devotional

I was always one of the shortest, smallest kids in whatever class I was in until the tenth grade of High School.  In our school, when you played on a sports team, you had to ride the “late bus” home.  It was a different group than normally rode my bus route, and I was a little nervous and edgy.  As I stepped onto the “late bus” for the first time, I looked back at where I might sit, when I heard a familiar voice say, “Hey Jim, come sit with me.”  It was my father’s cousin who just happened to be about five years older than me and one of the star football players in our school.  I will never forget the looks of astonishment from my nerdy friends as I made my way to sit with one of the starting football players!


I am so thankful that I have a God I can run to hide behind today.  My problems today are far bigger than being a “nerd,” or not fitting in.  I need a God Who can take care of far deeper problems.  I am thankful that I know God personally today.  Look at this verse from the psalmist: “My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart” (Psalm 7:10).


When you face fear that comes from not knowing what is coming in the future, look to your God.  He is able to overcome any obstacle you might face tomorrow.  When you face of someone who is against you, don’t look at them compared to you, but compared to your God, and your fear will be put in its proper place.  God is able to change enemies into friends!   When you face challenges that are far beyond your ability to change, trust the God of change, and march forward.  Don’t ever allow fear, or obstacles to slow down your progress in doing what God has touched your heart to do.  Stand behind your God and march forward!


Let’s face it … all of us face challenges on a daily basis that seem far beyond our strength or wisdom to handle.  The psalmist say that his defense was from God.  That means that when these insurmountable problems come to him, He leans on His God … he hides behind his God … he turns to his God to stand for him.  Try it today.  Don’t try to fight your battles in your own strength.  As the old hymn says, “The arm of flesh will fail you; ye dare not trust your own.”  There is a God in Heaven, Who is ready and able to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  Trust Him completely today.  Don’t let the faces of your enemies scare you, or cause you to turn back.  Keep your focus on the God Who defends you today, and move forward!  Remember, God has defeated the ultimate enemy … sin.  He will help you!


Nothing earthly will make me give up in despair.” – David Livingstone