May 11 Devotional

But as for me, I will come into Thy house in the multitude of Thy mercy: and in Thy fear will I worship toward Thy holy temple.  Lead me, O LORD, in Thy righteousness because of mine enemies; make Thy way straight before my face” (Psalm 5:7-8).  When the difficulties of life press in on you so tightly that you think you might burst … run to the place of mercy!  When you begin to believe the lie of the Devil that your sin cannot be forgiven … run to the place of mercy!  When you are so tired of fighting to do what is “right” in a world that is constantly exalting “wrong” … run to the place of mercy!  When everything is going well and you think the horizon is smooth … run to the place of mercy!


I do not want to waste any time trying to rationalize my sinful behavior.  I simply want to go to the place of mercy and receive forgiveness.  I am tired of trying to hide my sin from a God Who sees everything and knows my motivation even before I have acted upon it.  I simply want to go to receive forgiveness and mercy!  I don’t know why I waste one moment even hesitating to turn my back on my sin … why do I linger and try to decide whether or not to do it?  I want to become so disciplined that rather than enter into the sin, I run to God for His mercy and avoid that sin.


When our grandchildren come to our house to spend a day, I enjoy watching them play and enjoy themselves.  I know that there will come a time during that day that I will need to correct them, or stop them from doing something they know they are not supposed to do.  No, I will not let them do whatever they want … because I love them.  If they wanted to play with the cleaning materials under our sink, I would stop them.  If they wanted to go play in the middle of the road, I would stop them … all because I love them.  Having said that, in the correction I give them, my mercy is so closely behind, that as soon as they react properly, I give them the mercy.  I do not make them beg for it … I do not set up all kinds of criteria for them to get it.  Mercy is readily available when they act correctly.


It is the same with me and my relationship with God.  He has mercy readily available for me whenever I need it.  He is simply waiting for me to act correctly, and He will give it.  I don’t need to beg, or pay, or bribe God in order to get it.  Why would I not willingly admit my wrong, and ask for His help to get on the right track?  I don’t know … but I do … and so do you.  Today run to the place you can find mercy to help in the time of trouble.


It is hard to argue after someone says, ‘I’m sorry.’” – Unknown