May 10 Devotional

A famous preacher once said that you could tell the measure of a man by what it took to make him quit.  Every person reading this devotional today is facing challenges and will face even more.  How committed are you to the cause of Christ?  How committed are you to the Word of God and to obedience to the things you read there?  How firmly will you stand for your convictions?  Do you have convictions?  Are there things you are willing to fight for and, if need be, die for?  I read about a man like that today.  I write a great deal from verses from the book named after him, because I am extremely impressed with his personal testimony of dogged determination to remain true to his God.


Job was a man who was severely tested, but remained faithful to his God.  He doubted his own righteousness, and recognized his own faults and failures, but His view of God never waivered!  I love that about this man.  Look at these words that came from his mouth while his friends were telling him how wretched of a sinner he was … “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him: but I will maintain mine own ways before Him” (Job 13:15).  Job was committed to walking with his God even though all his possessions were removed … cattle killed or stolen … children killed … barns destroyed … and friends condemning.  He still maintained his commitment to God.


Notice that second phrase in this verse; “… but I will maintain mine own ways before Him.”  The bottom line is that each of us is responsible for our “own ways” before our God.  You will answer for yourself when you stand before God.  Don’t allow yourself to become distracted today with the affairs of others to the point that you neglect your walk with God.  Job made it clear, he was not worrying about how his friends would stand before God, and he was concerned for his own walk with Him.  He could not control the events that were taking place around him, but he could control his attitude and actions within them.


You might not be able to change the situations you are in today, but you can decide that you will not allow anything to pull you away from walking faithfully with God.  You can decide now, before you are in a situation as bad as Job was in, that you will never leave the post God has given you to guard as long as you live.  Trust Him today!  He is able!


I am immortal until God’s work for me to do is done – The Lord reigns.” – Henry Martyn