March 9 Devotional

Simple things can become great when they are placed in the absolute control of God.  All throughout our Bible there are stories where the most unlikely person or thing became the center-piece for the teaching of Jesus.  Jesus used little things like salt and light and bread and children as things to show what He was teaching.  He used a lost sheep, a lost coin and a lost son to show how important each sinner is to His Heavenly Father.  Today I was reading and came upon a very familiar story where Jesus used the things that were in front of Him to teach an incredibly important lesson.


As was usual, a large crowd had gathered to hear Jesus’ teachings and to see some of their friends/family healed from sicknesses.  As it got close to dinner time, Jesus asked the disciples to feed the people.  All that was available was a small boy’s lunch (five loaves and two small fishes).  Jesus instructed all (5,000 men plus their families) to be seated.  He then prayed for the food and they passed out enough food to feed all.  When all had eaten enough to be filled up, Jesus instructed His disciples to gather what was left over.  “And they did all eat, and were filled; and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full” (Matthew 14:20).


There are a number of applications we need to grasp today.  The first is that when we simply place what we have in the control and hands of Jesus, He can make it become far more than we can if we hold onto it ourselves.  Your worries, debt, health issues, abilities, finances, tests and challenges should be placed within His control.  He can do more with these things than you can if you worked all day to produce something.  Second; not only does Jesus make something good come out of what we give Him, but He makes it good in abundance!  Remember, there were twelve baskets “full” left over.  I’d say that five loaves and two small fishes did a miraculous job of feeding the 5,000 men and their families.  I’d say that God was trying to tell us something by allowing there to be twelve baskets “full” left over.


What is it that you are struggling to overcome today?  What kind of things have you done to try to solve your problem?  How many other people have you told about your problem, hoping they would have an answer?  How about taking what you have (your five loaves and two small fishes), and placing it in the hand of the Creator of the universe.  Even what’s left over will be a blessing!  He is able to do far more than you can imagine …


When God wants an oak tree, He does not transplant it … He just drops an acorn.” – Oliver B. Greene

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