March 6 Devotional

An interesting thought hit me a few years ago while we were involved in a Missions Conference.  One of the other missionaries at the conference we were attending had the ministry of translating the Bible in to the language of a group of tribal people.  While the missionary was showing pictures of the people they were translating the Bible for, my mind wandered to this question … “I wonder how many Deaf there are in that tribe?”  This is my burden.  I’m sure that most of you reading this would not have even given a moment for that thought.  That is not to criticize you, but to emphasize a point … God made each of us different for a reason.  He has given each of us a unique set of burdens, talents, interests, abilities and passions.  The key to these things are two simple words I saw today in the Old Testament.


And David said to Solomon his son, ‘Be strong and of good courage, and DO IT: fear not, nor be dismayed: for the LORD God, even my God, will be with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee, until thou hast finished all the work for the service of the house of the LORD’” (I Chronicles 28:20).  David was encouraging his son, Solomon to carry on the work of building the temple for the glory of God.  Within this encouragement there is some great instruction.  David told Solomon to be strong – we all need to stand strong for what we believe in.  He told him to be of good courage – there will be times of weakness in the battle that we all face … don’t give in to cowardice when these times come.  He told him not to be afraid … because the LORD is with the child of God.


The thing that I want to emphasize in all this is contained in two short words … DO IT.  What is it that God has specifically touched your heart about doing for Him?  I’m not talking about a profession; I’m talking about a life-style.  I’m not talking about something that you think about once-in-awhile, but something that you are absolutely passionate about.  I’m talking about that “one thing” God places in the heart of each of us to do.  That “one thing” will be different for you than it is for any other person.  Please be sure to note that if God gave you that passion, He might not have given it to anyone else but you, and He is depending on you to act on it fully!  When you realize what that “one thing” is, then DO IT with all your might for as long as you can do it, the best you can do it.  God will stretch you to go beyond what you can do to what He can do through you.


I have found that there are 3 stages in every great work of God; first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” – J. Hudson Taylor