March 30 Devotional

When I was a young boy, my cousin and I had a favorite “past-time.”  His yard was lined with large walnut trees.  He would position himself along one side, and I would position myself along the other side, and we would spend hours throwing green walnuts at each other.  I learned some very important lessons during the “walnut wars.”  One was that it was very important to gather your walnut arsenal at the proper time.  If you were stuck with no walnuts within reach, it could be a painful experience to gather more ammunition.  For that reason, I tried to move from tree to tree, using the large trees as a shield from my attacker (cousin Earl).


The writer of Proverbs wrote, “Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him” (Proverbs 30:5).  I always thought my cousin Earl had incredible accuracy during those times I would venture a little too far from the safety of the shielding of my tree, but I have found that my adversary, the Devil has even better aim when I wander too far from the safety of the shield of the Word of God.  Somewhere way back in my past, a preacher made the following statement:  “The Word of God will keep you from sin … sin will keep you from the Word of God.”  I have found that simple statement to be very true in my life.  When I am saturating my mind with the Word of God, I enlarge the hiding place from the fiery darts of the Devil.  When I neglect the reading of the Word of God, I find his darts find their target in my testimony much easier!


I am flattered that so many of you read this devotional on a regular basis, but I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, these few words are not enough to take you through a day.  You need to personally get in the Word of God daily, so that the Word of God can get into you.  The Bible repeats this theme all throughout itself.  Just today in my devotions I read about Nehemiah and the completion of the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 8).  The first thing the people did was stand to hear Ezra read from the Word of God.  I then flipped the pages of my Bible to begin reading the longest chapter in the Bible; Psalm 119.  All but five of the 176 verses spoke about the importance of the Word of God.  Then I read this thirtieth chapter of Proverbs and saw this wonderful verse.  I think God wants us to realize the importance of the Word of God to our everyday lives.  Read your Bible; hide behind its truths; obey what it says; tell others what you have learned.  It is a wonderful guide for the life of a Christian.


The Word of God never loses its effectiveness.” – Unknown