March 15 Devotional

There have been a few times in my life that I have been in the presence of people that I have highly respected.  I can remember very clearly shortly after we started working with the Deaf in our local church.  God had used Dr. Ted Camp to touch my heart with the need to reach out to the Deaf.  Dr. Camp was only at our church for one Sunday night that year, and I never even introduced myself to him.  He returned the year following and my pastor asked me to take Dr. Camp around to make visits with the Deaf in our area.  I can still remember how nervous I was that my car was too dirty, or too small, or not worthy of someone like Dr. Camp.  He and I drove all around our area visiting different Deaf all over our town.  I was in awe of his ability to communicate with the Deaf, and wanted to be like him “when I grew up.”


Solomon built a temple for God after his father, David, had gathered all the materials necessary.  After the completion of the temple, Solomon asked this question: “But will God in very deed dwell with men on the earth?  Behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee; how much less this house which I have built” (II Chronicles 6:18)?  Solomon was asking, “How can I build a house for God, when Heaven is not worthy to house Him?”  The thought that came to me was that God has chosen to take up His residence on earth within every believer!  After you trust Christ for your salvation, the Holy Spirit of God begins to live within you!  Who am I that the spectacular God of Heaven should live within me?


The answer to both Solomon and me is that neither the temple he built, nor my life are worthy of His presence.  What an absolute privilege to walk with God everyday.  What a joy to know that His Holy Spirit is willing and ready to help guide me into all the truths of the Word of God!  What a thrill to know that when I need to talk to God and I do not have the words to speak that the Holy Spirit will convey the feelings of my heart in words I cannot even imagine or speak.  It is tough, but I thank God that the Holy Spirit convicts me of sin as it happens in my daily walk and offers the road to restoration.  We who are believers have the incredible privilege of housing the great I AM within us.  Don’t think this is something we deserve, but treasure the honor that is.  Live wisely for God today … He’s watching you.


Moses spent forty years thinking he was somebody, forty years learning he was nobody, and forty years discovering what God could do with a nobody.” – D.L. Moody