March 1 Devotional

We often are very pleased to tell people when we know someone that is thought to be famous.  I have had people tell me, “Oh, I have met _____,” as though that was going to impress me.  The Old Testament prophet Malachi said, “’for from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same My name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto My name, and a pure offering: for My name shall be great among the heathen,’ saith the LORD of hosts” (Malachi 1:11).  The reality is that every tongue is going to confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.  God’s name brings very strong reactions wherever it is spoken even today.  When some hear the name of God they fall on their face in adoration.  Others use His name as a curse word.  Still others say His name as a common expression of their surprise, or just to say it without any thought of the magnificence of God.


There are many people alive today who are trying with all their influence to tell us that there is no God.  It does not matter how loudly they make their claim, there are people from the rising of the sun in the east to the going down of the sun in the west who know the name of God.  Even the atheist uses God’s name (although in vain), and in using His name, recognize His existence.  I believe that one of the driving forces in the life of every Christian ought to be to make that name known among the people we will meet every day.  To many, God is simply a figment of some religious person’s imagination.  To the believer, it is the name of our Heavenly Father, our Abba (our Daddy).


One thing is for sure … if a person is every going to meet God as their Heavenly Father, they must go through His only-begotten Son.  There is simply no other way to know God.  We need to realize that reality of the singular way into Heaven.  No, we are not trying to make the way to Heaven so narrow that very few enter, but we must be in line with the Word of God.  The Bible says clearly in Matthew 13 that there is a “broad” way that leads to Hell and destruction, but that there is a “straight” and “narrow” way that leads to life everlasting with God.  Don’t be shy today to tell someone that you know God personally.  God made every person born on this earth to want to know Him.  Don’t be bashful about knowing God personally.  Go tell someone about what He means to you today!


No other generation but ours can evangelize the present generation.” – John R. Mott