June 9 Devotional

We praise the strangest people today.  We praise athletes because they can fun fast, shoot good, hit a ball far, avoid a tackler, kick a ball, or hit a tiny golf ball straight.  We praise movie actors/actresses because they are handsome/pretty, or because they make us laugh.  We praise musicians because their music touches our emotions and makes us cry/laugh.  We exalt politicians because they say the things they think we want to hear.  Sometimes we even praise our preachers/teachers in our churches because they speak well.  There is nothing wrong with giving honor to whom honor is due, but let’s all take a step back and be careful that we are giving our ultimate praise to the One it belongs to.


Let all the earth fear the LORD: Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.  For He spake, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast” (Psalm 33:8-9).


No one can make this claim, but God.  Therefore, no one is worthy of the praise mentioned here, but God.  Today I stood and looked up at some huge puffy white clouds that God placed over me.  I marveled at the size of them, and then I marveled at the color of the suns reflection off them as the day progressed.  I saw some of the most brilliant colors on flowers growing in the wild today.  Flowers that no man has touched, or helped to grow, but that God placed there in their beauty.  I watched a doe and her new-born fawn walk across a field and marveled at the creative genius of my God.  These are just the “things” my God has produced, but far greater than these things I can see, is the character He possesses.


Far more impressive than the beauty and power I see displayed in nature is the inner character of my Heavenly Father.  I am amazed at His mercy … mercy that is available to me daily, even though I have not deserved it one day (the very definition of mercy).  I am amazed at His forgiving power … forgiveness that is offered over and over again, even though I return with the same sin that needs His forgiveness.  I am amazed by His faithfulness to me … totally independent of my faithfulness to Him.  If His faithfulness to me was dependant on my faithfulness to Him … I would be in trouble.  I am amazed by His infinite love for me … look at that cross of 2,000+ years ago.  Have you ever known anyone to love so deeply, we who were so undeserving, and ungrateful?  We love God, because He first loved us!  These are only a few.  Take some time to stand in awe of God today.

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