June 7 Devotional

For with Thee is the fountain of life: In Thy light shall we see light” (Psalm 36:9).  When the psalmist wrote this verse, water and light were two essential elements to living well.  I was in Israel in October one year.  That was the end of the dry season, and they were waiting for the rainy months.  When I saw the Jordan River, there were places that it was just a trickle of water.  They told us that in just one month, it would be overflowing its banks.  I have never been in a desert before that trip.  When we traveled south to the area near the Dead Sea, I saw miles and miles of land that was only sand and rock.  I was excited to see water!


In much the same way, the psalmist paints a very vivid picture for us today.  We have a Fountain of life in our God.  He has a never-ending supply of what we need.  He is ready and willing to help us, if we will simply walk with Him.  That sounds easy, but it is one of the daily challenges we face.  Walking with God means we will have all the things that are essential to life and to godliness.  Walking with God means that there will always be a light to direct our steps and our plans.  Walking with God means that when our soul is thirsty, He will provide the satisfying element that we are searching for.  Walking with God is an experience that God desires to have with each of us.


God had this same desire to walk with Adam and Eve.  His desire was to spend time with them in the cool of the evening … to meet them at the rising of the sun … to fellowship without any hindrances … to walk with them every day.  The problem came when mankind listened to someone other than God.  That serpent, the Devil, made promises he could not keep, or ever intended to keep.  Just as Adam and Eve fell into sin, we follow, and we wallow in our own sins without thought of what it is doing to God.  He still desires to be that Fountain of life to us.  He still has the light we need to see clearly what the best plan is for our lives.  And yet, we stumble on … making mistakes … thinking we know the best way … like the blind leading the blind we trust the world to help us rather than God.


Stop following ungodly advice today.  Stop looking to the world for wisdom and turn back to the Fountain of life … to the Light of the world!  God is waiting to enjoy that sweet relationship with you … walking together through the challenges of this world.  He has the answers … trust Him!