June 4 Devotional

Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1).  Every time I read this verse, I think about what these seven pillars of wisdom might be … here are my ideas:


Pillar #1 – The Word of God – I don’t think there is any question; the greatest source of wisdom for us today is the Word of God.  I wonder why we don’t give the Word of God a more important place in our lives?  All the answers for life that we need are found in the pages of our Bible.  Don’t neglect this book each day.


Pillar #2 – The still, small voice of the Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit lives within every believer.  He will speak if we will listen for Him.  Don’t minimize that still, small voice when you are making decisions.  Walk closely enough with Him that when He speaks, you can recognize His voice.


Pillar #3 – The testimony of Christians who have lived before us – The Word of God is full of the testimonies of Christians who have walked before us, and given us good advice through their actions.  Some of the things they did warn us not to follow.  Many walked by faith and are a good example for us to follow.  Get to know these brothers/sisters in Christ.


Pillar #4 – Godly family influence – If you grew up in a Christian home, with parents who were doing their best to walk with God, they can serve as a great source of wisdom for you when making decisions.  If you did not have this privilege, become the first generation of a new heritage!  Determine that you will be this source of counsel for your family.


Pillar #5 – Good literature – There are some good books that have been written to help you live godly in Christ.  Don’t depend on these sources of literature more than you trust your Bible, but read good literature to grow.


Pillar #6 – Good advice from trusted Christians – If you make wise choices, you will have trusted friends you can depend on to help you with wise counsel with the need arise.  Choose your friends wisely; they have a huge influence on your life.


Pillar #7 – Past experience – All of us has had good and bad experiences.  This is not the first source of wisdom, but it is a source.  When you are preparing to make a decision, try to think of similar situations that you have been in and use them to provide wisdom.

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