June 28 Devotional

Fear … worry … anxiety … anticipation … all these words seem to hover over the human race today.  No matter where you turn, there is a story that is meant to scare you and cause you to live in fear.  Even in the life of a Christian, fear, worry, anxiety and anticipation are enemies waiting to battle us every day.  There is one difference between the world and the believer.  We Christians have a God Who is bigger than all our enemies.  Look at these verses from Psalm 56 that I read today: “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee” (Psalm 56:3) … “In God I will praise His word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me” (56:4) … “When I cry unto Thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: This I know; for God is for me” (56:9) … “In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me” (56:11).


Did you catch that theme?  I know I needed these words this morning.  We are getting ready to board a plane and will fly to Ukraine to help good friends with a Family Deaf Camp there.  Every time I prepare for a trip like this, there are many fears that run through my mind.  I know, you must think I am not very spiritual.  You are right!  I am just a lump of clay with all the same fears, doubts, and worry that you might battle.  When these times come in my life, I am reminded to run to my Heavenly Father.  He controls everything, and He is powerful enough to handle any situation I will face; despite my fears and my humanity.


I don’t know what you’re facing today that might cause you to have fear, worry, etc., but I know that God can help you through these difficult times.  There is one key that must be mentioned for that to happen for you and me.  We need to develop a daily walk with God.  I don’t want to run to God only in the emergency times, I want to have a regular, on-going relationship with Him.  I want the times I turn to run into Him to be just as natural as what I am doing every day, all through the day.  What an incredible privilege we have to know this incredible God in this intimate way!  I hope that today you will spend some time just chatting with Him about the things that are in front of you that could cause some worry or fear.  Turn them all over to Him.  He is very capable of solving all the challenges you will face today.  Don’t waste time worrying about things you cannot change.  Trust the One Who can change them, and loves you with a never-ending love.  Grab onto His hand and don’t let go!

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Yes, we all have problems or fears in life. Thankfully in God, we are to claim the verse in Ps 56:3. May God’s Hand be on you and yours as you go to Ukraine.

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