June 27 Devotional

We hear a great deal of macho talk today about being, “the man.”  We hear it in regards to sports, or business, or even in the classroom.  The problem is that we are looking at the wrong man when we say that.  Pilate, after examining the testimony and life of Jesus Christ turned Him over to his accusers to crucify Him.  Listen to how He described Jesus … “Pilate therefore went froth again and saith unto them, ‘Behold, I bring Him forth to you, that ye may know that I find no fault in Him.’  Then came Jesus forth, wearing a crown of thorns, and the purple robe.  And Pilate saith unto them, ‘Behold the man’” (John 19:4-5).  Let’s take a few moments this morning to do just what Pilate encouraged those present at Jesus’ crucifixion to do.


THE Man was someone who endured the mocking of the soldiers in order to reach the cross.  Remember, Jesus was not trying to avoid the cross … that was His goal.  He came to save sinners.  He came to reach those who had previously been unreachable.  He came to give His life a ransom for many.  But, on the way to that cross, He allowed the soldiers and those gathered around the cross to mock Him.  He showed incredible self-control when they cried out things like, “He saved others … let Him save Himself.”  For me that would not have been a temptation, but Jesus actually could have exited the cross at any point He wanted.  THE Man demonstrated self-control, humility and endurance.  That’s what a real man looks like.


THE Man was someone who endured horrible anguish and suffering for the good of others.  We see so many today trying to earn the title of, “the man,” by looking out only for their good, or their career, or their desires.  When we look on Jesus Christ today, we will see that He lived His life with others in mind every day.  He taught and re-taught with great patience so His disciples would get the message after He was off the earthly scene.  He constantly stood against the hypocritical Pharisees and religious leaders for the good of the people He had come to reach.  He often was seen going through an area other men of His stature would never have gone; to reach people others never would have seen or cared for.  This is THE Man!  I will thank Him for all eternity for coming to rescue me.  How about stopping to thank Him right now?  While you are thanking Him, why not commit your life to Him today as He committed His life to you?  He held nothing back.

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