June 26 Devotional

If you listen to the counselors of this world, you would think there is no hope for any of us to live a godly life today.  As I write this devotional today, I am reminded that on this day fifty-seven years ago, my father married my mother.  The odds were against them to have a successful marriage, just like they are against any of us today.  There was one thing that my parents committed themselves to that enabled them to stay married for fifty-two years (my Mom has been in Heaven for almost five years now).  They decided from the beginning of their lives together to trust God, and not the counselors of this world!  I would encourage you to do the same today and every day.


This world constantly tries to influence us to follow their wisdom, but the key to living righteously in an unrighteous world is to trust God and His Word, and not the counsel of this world.  The psalmist said it this way … “Through Thee will we push down our enemies: through Thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us” (Psalm 44:5).  Let it be known today that for the Christian living in this ungodly world, conformity to this world will result in destruction.  Transformation from obedience to the living Word of God will result in being able to prove what that good, perfect, and will of God.  There is a great deal of clamor from this world to follow their way of thinking.  God gave us a Bible to help us see the actual road map to success in this life.


My parents faced a good bit of opposition while trying to raise our family according to the Word of God.  That should come as no surprise; this world is an enemy of the God and His Word.  You need to make a choice similar to what my parents had to make more than fifty-seven years ago.  What foundation will you build your life, and the lives of your children upon?  The opinions of this world are nothing more than a foundation of shifting sand.  The Word of God is a solid rock, but it is far more than a foundation.  It is also the Sword of the Spirit that we can use to fight off the enemies of godliness in our lives and homes.  Never underestimate the power of one single verse … even one single word in God’s Word.  It has the power to “push down” the enemies of God.  I don’t know what challenges you are going to face today, but I am sure that God and His Word will be all that you will need to have the victory over those things.  What a blessing to rest in the never-changing promises of God!


The Bible gives much light on commentaries.” – Unknown

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