June 23 Devotional

There is a familiar story in the Old Testament about Joseph, one of the sons of Jacob.  His brothers learned to hate him because he was the “favorite” son, and because he had dreams.  He told his brothers of two dreams he had where they all had bowed down to him.  Of course, we know “the rest of the story.”  They eventually did bow down to him, and God used him to save their lives during a horrible famine in their area.  All this is background to one phrase I want to share with you today.  After having the dream, Joseph was sent by his father to check on his brothers.  When he was approaching them from the distance … “… they said one to another, ‘Behold, this dreamer cometh’” (Genesis 37:19).


I believe this statement was made mockingly, not with admiration.  You see, these brothers hated Joseph in the present because he had revealed something to them that was going to happen in the future, and their pride was revolted by the idea.  I am not saying that you need to have “visions” that enable you to look into the future and see what’s going to happen.  I’m not saying that we need “fortune-tellers” today.  I am saying that each of us as believers ought to have a vision and a dream for what God wants us to do in the future that should drive us today.


One of the most spectacular things about being a teenager is an unlimited view of what “could” be.  The enthusiasm that recognizes that there are going to be challenges and obstacles, but there are still great opportunities ahead of us.  What a sad day when we “mature” enough that we stop dreaming!  That is a horrible day when you stop believing that God can do thing that are far beyond your abilities and resources, and you step out by faith.  Today I want to encourage each person reading this to keep on “dreaming.”  Keep on looking to God for things you cannot reach on your own.


Just as a child might ask help from their parent to reach that peanut butter that is on the higher shelf they cannot reach; ask God to help you reach today far beyond your capabilities into His capabilities.  Joseph was mockingly called “this dreamer” by his brothers.  A few years into the future, his brothers were praising God that he was a dreamer, and that God had used him to save the lives of them and their families.  Don’t let other’s lack of faith influence you from dreaming of what God wants for you!


Had I cared for the comments of people, I should never have been a missionary.” – C.T. Studd

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