June 2 Devotional


One of the most popular words heard in our churches here in America and around the world today is “worship.”  In many churches what is being called, “worship” has replaced solid Bible teaching.  Much time is given to us singing the same phrase over and over, while the time given to preaching the depth of the Word of God has been reduced to the point that the speaker can only slightly introduce the topic God has laid on his heart.  I honestly am confused a bit about what Biblical “worship” really is about.  Someone recently pointed out to me that any time we saw “worship” happening in our Bible, it was always accompanied with sacrifice.  That thought settled on my mind, but honestly I have not had the time to pursue that study.


Today I read a verse where Jesus talked about “worship,” and it caused me to pause and think about its significance.  While Jesus was in the process of leading the Woman of Samaria to saving faith at the well, He made this comment: “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: For the Father seeketh such to worship Him” (John 4:23).  That last phrase caught my attention.  “For the Father seeketh such to worship Him.”  God is looking for worship today.  He is actually seeking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.


Without getting too deeply involved with the debate about what true worship really is, let’s take the time to focus on our own efforts to really worship God in spirit and in truth.  The word “worship” in John 4:23 appears only here in all the New Testament.  It carries the meaning of bowing the knee.  God is looking for those who will come to Him and bow in humility before Him.  Remember who He was talking to here at the well when He made this statement.  He was speaking to a woman who had to go to that well at noon, rather than in the cool of the morning or evening with the other ladies.  I believe she did that because of the embarrassment of her reputation with five previous husbands.  She lived a life of humility that was self-imposed.  She was a sinner and knew it well.  She had no idea that the King of all kings had come to her well just to meet her on that day!


This is just the person God is looking for today.  He seeks those who will humbly come to Him, and serve Him under the complete influence of the Holy Spirit.  Will He find you coming that way to Him today?  Volunteer today.  God is worthy … and we are not!


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