June 16 Devotional

I ask God for things, but He never answers my prayers …” “I have become frustrated with God because He never gives me the things I want Him to give me!”  I have heard these statements and many others like them over the years.  It seems that we have the idea that God is like some Genie in a bottle that we can rub and get anything we wish for, or desire.  This is nothing new.  People for decades have thought that God was in Heaven to carry out their will, not His own.  Perhaps you have fallen into this same way of thinking, and as a result, you are either mad at God or disappointed with His attention to what you want.


Mary, Martha and Lazarus were friends of Jesus while He lived on this earth.  Lazarus became ill and his sisters sent for Jesus.  They had faith to believe that if Jesus arrived and touched their brother, that he would be healed.  Jesus purposely waited enough time that Lazarus died and was buried.  When Jesus finally arrived at their home, the gossip among the people went like this … “And some of them said, ‘Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died’” (John 11:37)?  It made sense to all who were listening … I’m sure there was more than one head nodding in agreement.  After all, anyone could see the logic of this question.  The people gathered had seen Jesus do miracles that were not as difficult as this one might have been.  Human reasoning would tell you that He could have fixed this situation too, but He hadn’t … He failed …


How many times have you been tempted to complain to God that His timing was off?  How many times did you ask for healing for yourself, or a loved one, and it did not come, or it took too long to happen (in your opinion)?  It is time for us to realize that God does not need our wisdom, our opinions, or suggestions to accomplish His will.  Certainly Jesus can do anything.  He could have come a week earlier and healed Lazarus … but we would not have such an amazing story, and Lazarus would not have had nearly as powerful a testimony as he had for the remainder of his life.  God does not make mistakes.  Don’t fight His timing, or His will.  He has things planned for you that will bring the ultimate glory to Himself and His Heavenly Father.  Don’t struggle today against God and His plan.  Rest in the fact that He is the Resurrection and the Life.  Nothing is impossible for our God.  Trust Him today with your life, death and the parts in between.


Resist the urge to criticize.” – Unknown


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