June 13 Devotional

Have you ever felt that you were mental over-matched when facing a problem.  Like you could not figure out the answer, and you just did not have enough wisdom to ever know what was right to do?  Join the group of the rest of us that have felt that very thing.  Here are some encouraging words for you today … “For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6).  This is the source of wisdom.  I know in my own life there have been many times when I have been unable to know what to do in a certain situation.  Maybe you are like me … I will try to “fix” whatever is wrong by doing what I think it will take to make it right; and when it doesn’t work, I will try that exact same thing over and over again.  There is some statement about the insanity of thinking you can repeat the same action over and over and expect different results … that often describes me.


We are living in very difficult times.  Not that our times are any more challenging than at other points in history, but we are certainly living in challenging times.  There are times I find myself asking, “What is this world coming to?”  As much as any other time in history, we need the help of God to know what we are to do, in the situations we find ourselves facing.  Human reasoning can only take us so far, and then we are lost.  We definitely need the help of a God Who is seeing the entire picture.  I know it is challenging to release the controls to someone else in your life, but in this case, it is the only way for success to come.


What a blessing to know that we have a God who is omniscient (all knowing) to guide us and instruct us.  Let me ask two simple questions: Did you know that God has all the answers?  I’m sure you answered, “Yes.”  Then the second question is this: Why don’t you trust Him more?  Why don’t we run to Him with every challenge we face?  Why do we try to “fix” everything ourselves and turn to Him as a last resort?  Why are we so intent on trying to take the place of God?  The message of this simple verse from Proverbs is that we ought to be depending on the God Who can provide the answers as well as give the wisdom we will need to make wise choices.  Today determine that you will give over the controls to Him.  He can steer you into the right place with the answer to ever challenge along the way.  Trust Him today and not your own wisdom.  Depend on Him to provide today, and don’t try to do it alone!


God is at the beginning and the end of a God-ordained vision” – Unknown

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