June 11 Devotional

We are made to want relationships in our lives.  We yearn for a close family relationship from the time we are born.  We then begin to meet other people outside our family and we desire friendships.  As we grow older, these friendships have the opportunity to become relationships that are deeper.  As those relationships deepen and grow, they can also become family.  Because we are such “social” people, if we are not careful we can sometimes place a higher importance on the opinions of friends/family than we do on God.  Let me give a warning here … if you begin to trust friends or family above God, you will be disappointed.


We human beings are just that … human.  We all have faults and failures.  We are all doing our best to walk through this life the best we can, but at our best we are simply wretched sinners with deceitful and desperately wicked hearts.  Some of you objected to those harsh descriptions of your heart, but that is part of the deception our heart is involved with.  Our lying hearts try to convince us that we are better than we really are.  The reality is that we are all just sinners.


We need to be careful about depending on our earthly relationships more than the relationship we have with God.  Job found this to be true as he endured his time of suffering.  “Also against his three friends was his wrath kindled, because they had found no answer, and yet had condemned Job” (Job 32:3).  Job’s friends had not found anything that was accurate counsel, so they just decided the best thing to do was to condemn him.  Some friends … but not so different from many of the people you call “friend.”  My former pastor said often that the Christian army was the only army that shoots its wounded.  That is true of many Christians today.  Don’t go to those around you for encouragement, or for advice before you go to your Heavenly Father.


I believe the only place to find lasting friendship, is with God!  Others, no matter how hard they try, will fail you; God will never fail.  Others will give advice they hope is right, but God has the wisdom of the ages.  Others will tell you that they will stand beside you in tough times … but they might run out of things to say and just do what Job’s friends did … condemn you.  Thank God for your earthly friendships/relationships, but build and strengthen your relationship with God.  Read His love letter to you (your Bible); spend time talking with Him; and serve Him with your life!

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