July 9 Devotional

There are only two kinds of people in this world … those who are “IN” Christ, and those who are “WITHOUT” Christ.  Which are you?  You will notice that this has nothing to do with your religion, but totally with your relationship.  I was reading today in the book of Psalms where David was begging God to protect him from his enemies.  All of us have enemies (maybe not with swords and spears as David’s enemies) in this life.  What will you do when enemies attack?  David ran to his personal relationship “in the LORD.”   “The righteous shall be glad in the LORD, and shall trust in Him; and all the upright in heart shall glory” (Psalm 64:10).


When you trust Jesus Christ as your Savior, you move from being “without Christ” into an intimate relationship “in Christ.”  Before entering this relationship you have fear, worry, trouble and anxiety without any hope.  When you trust Christ, these things can be conquered as you yield to His will in your life.  Think about the major differences with me today between being “in Christ” and in being “without Christ.”


“In Christ” you have eternal life.  As the Bible states it, you have passed from death unto life.  “In Christ” you have everlasting joy and contentment.  This does not mean that everything will be fun and games, but there will be a deep and lasting joy that stays with you, regardless of what challenges you are facing.  “In Christ” you have a reason for living that goes beyond your present life.  “In Christ” you will live to affect the eternity of others.  You will think of where others will spend eternity and it will drastically affect how you live this life.  “In Christ” you will have a desire to serve Him and spend time with His people.  No one will need to tell you to go to church, you will want to be there so you can be with the people of God, and so you can serve God.


“Without Christ” you will have eternal damnation because your sin separates you from God.  “Without Christ” nothing you try that should bring joy will give you anything more than a brief sense of pleasure.  “Without Christ” there is nothing eternal driving you.  You will live only for what you can get today.  “Without Christ” you will live to satisfy only your desires.  You will become self-centered and not concerned about anyone else.  David ran to his relationship with his LORD when troubles and enemies approached.  Do you?  If you have been fighting on your own … stop and return to your God today!


God does not leave you, you leave God.” – Unknown

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