July 6 Devotional

Remember them which have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the Word of God: Whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation” (Hebrews 13:7).


I have always taught our children this simple rule: If there is someone leading the right way, follow them; if there is no one leading the right way, you become the leader.  God has always had a plan for reaching the entire world with the Gospel.  It is wrapped up here in this verse.  The first part of God’s plan is that there would be faithful men who would learn the Word of God and then pass along to others what they have learned.  They have the responsibility to be true to the Word of God and to share those truths with others.  The second part of God’s plan is that we would find these faithful teachers and follow them and their teaching.  It is not enough to have good teachers; we also need some good learners.


Are you learning enough to become that faithful teacher one day?  Are you teaching the things you are learning to someone else today?  If you’re not, you ought to be searching for people you can influence.  This is part of God’s plan.  Are you placing yourself in a place where you can receive faithful teaching and growing yourself spiritually?  If you’re not, you need to be searching for people like this to learn from.


You might ask, “How do I go about getting under the teaching of a faithful person?”  The first thing is to find a good church that will provide good teaching on a consistent basis.  Finding the right church, with good faithful teachers is a key to an effective Christian walk.  The second thing to do is to pray that God will direct your path to just the right person for that to happen.  The third thing is to approach them and ask them to help you in your spiritual growth.  These are the things that are necessary for you to follow a faithful person.


One of the greatest investments you can make in your life is to seek out these kinds of people and follow what they teach you.  One of the pitfalls of youth is that you will think you have all the answers, and that you don’t need any help.  One of the things you realize as an older person is how much you need others.  It is a strange thing that happens, but it is healthy, and is God’s plan.  Follow His plan and find and follow faithful people who are setting the path for you to follow.

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