July 5 Devotional

I have always enjoyed playing sports and coaching sports.  I have a very competitive nature, and have my heart in the game long before it started.  I can recall when I was coaching basketball, watching the other team warm up, not my own.  I knew what my players could and could not do.  I also knew where my player’s strengths and weaknesses were.  As I watched the other team warming up, I would constantly be looking for an advantage for my players to be able to beat their players.


When looking at life and ministry, I am constantly trying to find the edge that will give me the advantage in winning in the ultimate sense.  The psalmist wrote, “Through thee will we push down our enemies:  Through Thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us” (Psalm 44:5).  It is not by my power that victory in my life will be won; victory will come when I totally yield to the power and strength of the Lord.


Notice that this verse says two times that the victory will be found in God alone.  The enemies of a Christian can only be defeated when we trust in God.  The enemy of pride … the enemy of selfishness … the enemy of worldliness creeping into our lifestyle … the enemy of compromise … the enemy of hate and envy and jealously and _____.  All can be defeated by our God, but none by us alone.  Each of these things will overpower a Christian who is depending on their own strength.


Only the things we do in the name of Jesus will have a lasting reward.  How much are you doing today in the name of the Lord?  How much are you doing that will result in things that will still be with us in Heaven?  Think about how much time we waste here on earth on non-eternal issues.  This is the time for us to begin to serve in the name of our God so that we can help others to enjoy eternal blessings.  This is a good time to examine your life, your motives and your ministry.  Is what you are focused on tonight something that will last into eternity?  If it’s not, this would be a great day to re-focus.  Looking at the enemies of our walk with God, determine that you will surrender totally to the plan of God.


Don’t worry so much about exalting your name, but His.  Make His desires your top priority and re-organize your goals to match those priorities.  There is a way to be a winner today, and that is to trust Him completely today, and to live for the good of His name.


God does not require you to be skilled in all areas of life.” – Unknown

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