July 4 Devotional

Pilate therefore said unto Him, ‘Art thou a king then?’ Jesus answered, ‘Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth My voice’” (John 18:37).


Pilate asked Jesus if He was a king … he had no idea Who he was talking to at the time.  Jesus is not “a” king; He is “THE” King of all kings.  Jesus is the Lord of all the lords of the earth.  There will be a day when every king that has ever walked this earth and wielded great power, will fall to his knees and confess that Jesus is Lord with his very own mouth.  Every Queen, Prime Minister, Dictator, Czar, or ruler of any nation will acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord.


The thought that struck me while reading this today was this: What do you think Pilate will be thinking about on that day when he bows his knee?  His wife had warned him.  His own conscience was screaming out to him to free this innocent man.  All his natural instincts gained over years of public service as an official of Rome were telling him to free this man.  However, he did what far too many of us do on a regular basis.  He listened to popular opinions rather than listening to the voice God places in every one of us.  He ignored the advice of his wife, so he could satisfy those who were in front of him.  He sacrificed his integrity because of his desire to promote himself before Caesar.  As always, this devotional is not about Pilate … it is about you and me.  We are under extreme pressure every day to conform to what the world thinks should be normal.  Are you willing to stand against the tide, for the King of kings wherever you go today?  I hope you are.  God needs us to stand today for Him so that others will come to know the intimacy we enjoy with Him.  Don’t allow the popular opinions of those around you today to affect your better judgment.  Listen to that “still small voice” within you that tells you to stand for right and to defend the truths of the Word of God.


In America today we are celebrating our 236th birthday!  We call this day, “Independence Day.”  We need some Christians who will be willing to stand for Christ today and be independent from the influence of the world.  Don’t allow others to pour you into their mold.  Stand tall for Jesus Christ today.  He died for you!