July 31 Devotional

We all have been guilty in the past of depending on the wrong person.  Maybe someone made a promise to you that they would do something, and when the time came, that person was long gone!  I remember one time when I needed a new car.  My father and I searched high and low for a reasonable car that would be dependable.  We found one about one hour from our home.  We had driven the car, talked to the salesperson, and agreed upon a price.  The plan was for me to return there two days later to pay, and pick up the car.  I was very excited to get the car and showed up with the money on the appointed day.  The salesman never showed up … and never answered my phone calls.  I was depending on the wrong person!


The Israelites were guilty of the same thing.  A short time after leaving the bondage of Egypt, they find themselves in an unfamiliar area, and they have no water.  Look what happens … “Wherefore the people did chide with Moses, and said, ‘Give us water that we may drink.’ And Moses said unto them, ‘Why chide ye with me? Wherefore do ye tempt the LORD’” (Exodus 17:2)?  Did you catch the problem?  Moses rebuked the people because they were asking HIM to provide water from them, and had not even considered asking God.


Moses has no more ability to produce water than you or me.  During the summer months, it can get very dry.  We have a well that we get our water from, and at this time of the summer, we start to conserve our use of water so we don’t create a problem with getting water from our well.  If our well becomes dry, I will not be able to produce more water.  If our well runs dry, who will I ask for help?  When you are facing troubles that you don’t have the answers to … Who will you ask for help?  Our natural, human tendency is to ask our family for help.  When that doesn’t work, we will expand our circle to the friends we have.  When that doesn’t work, we will ask strangers on the internet for help.  Finally, after we have exhausted all other options, we might break down and ask God for help.


As much as we like to criticize the children of Israel for their lack of faith, we are following down that same path in our lives.  I want to encourage you today to trust God first.  Depend on His power to supply your needs.  You might be reading this and saying, “But I don’t see how He can help me with my situation.”  I’m telling you; if God could get water from a rock in the middle of the desert, He can help you with whatever you are facing today!


Don’t just stand there – pray something!” – Unknown