July 29 Devotional

It seems that we Christians are willing to serve God if it doesn’t cost us too much.  We are more than willing to serve God if it is something we like, and it fits into our schedule.  Don’t ask me to serve in the nursery, or cleaning the toilets.  I will be happy to do something that gets me recognition and will impress people with my spirituality.


The reality is that many of the things that need to be done within the ministry of the local church are not fun, or convenient.  The Bible says, “I will hear what God the LORD will speak; for He will speak peace unto His people, and to His saints: but let them not turn again to folly” (Psalm 85:8).  There are two very important aspects for service shown in this verse that I think we all need to be reminded of at times.  First, we are encouraged to HEAR what the Lord speaks to us.  We all would do very well to listen when God is speaking to us.  There are two ways we can hear the voice of God today.  The first is when we read His Word.  The challenge is to obey what we read in the Bible.  The second way I believe we can hear the voice of God is to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us when decisions need to be made.  Trust His leadership and walk with God so that you can clearly hear His voice.


The second thing we need to do is behave ourselves according to what we have heard from the voice of God.  This is where we Christians disconnect from what we should do to what we are actually doing today.  There is no shortage of information about what we should do, or how we should live.  The problem comes when we realize we are to practice the principles of the Word of God.  We are told in this verse that once we know what is right to do, we are not to return to the folly of living outside the principles and truths in the Word of God.


If we are not careful, we will become a generation of people who have “itchy ears.”  What I mean by that is that we will go to church only if they tell us how good we are, and when we are convicted, we will just look for a different church that will not teach/preach that way.  I mean that we will read the Bible, only until we come under conviction of sin and when that happens we will stop reading.  We are living in a time of history in this world where it is becoming more and more crucial to live out what the Bible teaches.  Don’t allow your flesh to limit your walk with God.  Listen to His Word and live what it teaches.


If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” – Dr. Bill Rice Sr.

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