July 28 Devotional

It is one thing to read the Word of God on your own every day.  It is good that we go to church and hear the Word of God preached and taught.  It is good for you to discuss with Christian friends what you have read.  It is something else to actually live out the things you are reading.  You see, if all we do is read it … listen to it … and discuss it, we have not done what God purposed His Word to do.  The psalmist wrote, “Blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee; in whose heart are the ways of them” (Psalm 84:5).


God is looking for far more than your eyes and ears.  God is interested in seeing these principles of the Word of God actually lived out in the lives of His children.  The thing that will influence this world the most is not simply hearing, or reading, or even discussing the words that are in the Bible.  The thing that will have the most impact on our world will be when we believers actually live the way the Bible teaches we ought to live.  It will be when we believers have the attitudes we have read that Jesus had on earth.  It will be when we believers use the language we have learned is appropriate from our Bible.  It will be when we live the truths we have seen in the Word of God.


Take a moment and examine your heart today.  Will the world see an accurate picture of your Bible by the way you live your life?  Many in this world will not physically open a Bible to see the liberating truths it holds.  The only way they will be able to realize the truths that can change their lives will be to witness those truths lived out in your everyday life.  James wrote in our New Testament that God was interested in us being “doers” of the word, and not only “hearers.”


I love to go to meetings where preachers really inspire my heart with strong preaching.  If all I do is sit and listen to great preaching, and leave without actually changing my life … all that preaching accomplished nothing in my life.  There have been times when I have preached very convicting truths and seen folks respond at the invitation.  Many times I have bowed my own knee and asked God to help me to “practice what I’ve preached.”  I don’t want to be guilty of simply having my heart moved, without placing those truths deep in my heart so that they affect the way I walk every day.  I need God’s help with this; and I am sure you do too.  Pray for me, and I will pray for you to make this verse become reality in our lives.  The thing our world needs the most is that our Bible come alive in our lives before them!


A light that does not shine becomes useless.” – Ted Camp

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