July 25 Devotional

Isaiah had a dream in which he entered into the presence of God.  After having his tongue cleaned, God gave him some specific instructions that I believe are still valid for you and me today.  God told Isaiah that He wanted him to “Go and tell” the people about Him.  He wanted Isaiah to go and warn of upcoming judgment if the people did not repent and return to God.  Isaiah had a simple question about the length of time He was to do this.  We all wonder how long we will be serving God in the ministry He has called us to serve.


Isaiah’s question and God’s answer – “Then said I, ‘Lord, how long?’ And He answered, ‘ Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the LORD have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land’” (Isaiah 6:10-11).  I’m thinking that God wanted Isaiah to accept this ministry for the rest of his life!  There is no retirement plan evident in these instructions!  God wanted Isaiah to faithfully preach/teach the words that He would give him until every city was had no one living in it; until all the homes he knew of were empty of people; until the land was absolutely flattened and there were no people left; and until the time that God would remove all life from the earth.


You and I may become tired of doing the ministry we are called to be a part of, but God’s heart for the people we are trying to reach will never tire!  God has the view of eternity, while we are restricted to what we can see and understand.  Let me encourage you today to finish the work God has called you to do.  Far too many today are anticipating the finish-line without considering the cost of the race!  Don’t be guilty of looking to what you think might be greener pastures on the other side of what you are doing today.  Have you ever considered that what you are doing for God right now might be His life-time calling for you?


Find joy and satisfaction in the understanding that the King of all kings has chosen you to serve where you are.  He had a reason for that, and He continues to need you to do what He has called you to.  If God’s plan changes, He should be the one to let you know.  The change should not be based on your emotions, or your preferences.  Be true to God and His will until your life ends, or the job is completely finished.  It’s easy to start the race well; it’s another thing to finish it well.  Finish strong!


The world is in darkness, don’t let the light go out.” – Ted Camp

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