July 24 Devotional

Man has known that God would provide a Redeemer ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit God commanded them not to eat.  Sin came into our world in Genesis chapter three, and the promise of the Redeemer came in the same chapter.  God then began to reveal His plan for redemption to the nation of Israel through the practice of offering a sacrifice for sin.  Each Israelite was familiar with offering a lamb as a substitute for their sin.


After years of captivity in Egypt, God has been working a plan that would free the Jews from the slavery in Egypt.  God attacked the idea of nine gods Egypt had placed where He belonged.  He used Moses to initiate nine plagues that hit each of the gods Egypt had worshipped (showing His power and authority over all nine).   The tenth plague God was going to put on Egypt was the death of the first-born of all the people in Egypt (animals and humans).  In order to protect the Jews from this death, He gave instruction for them to kill a male lamb, without blemish and to place its blood in an interesting way on the posts of their doors.  Here is the description God gave Moses … “they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the homes, wherein they shall eat it” (Exodus 12:7).


This picture of the blood on the doorpost was a figure of the Messiah to come.  Jesus Christ was killed in Jerusalem at the same the Passover lambs were being killed.  He stretched His hands to the side (like the side posts of the door), and His head bore the crown of thorns (like the top of the posts of the door).  The blood on the door posts of the homes of the Jews in Egypt formed a perfect cross … Jesus on the cross provided the perfect Lamb.  Is this just a coincidence?  I don’t think so!  When John the Baptist saw Jesus coming towards Him, he claimed, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the earth.


You don’t need to put blood on your door today.  But, let me ask a question … has Jesus Christ left an impression on your life that others can see today?  Or, will you try to hide the fact that you are saved.  When the Jews put the blood on their door posts, it was for the entire world to see.  Don’t be a camouflage Christian today, let it be known that the Lamb of God has taken away your sin, and you are not ashamed to be known as a Christian!  Jesus gave up all He had for you … live strong for Him today in the world that desperately needs to see Him!


Not what happens if I obey God, but what happens if I disobey God.

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