July 21 Devotional

A wicked man hardeneth his face; but as for the upright, He directeth his way” (Proverbs 21:29).  There are two choices you have for following the leadership of God in your life.  You can harden your face toward Him … or you can allow Him to easily direct your path.  All of us (if we are honest with ourselves), have tried the first way more than we would like to admit.  There is something within a man/woman that makes us feel that we have all the right answers and we are just hoping the rest of the world (and God) will see our point of view and get in line!

Direction in life is so vitally important to the ultimate goal we are trying to reach.  Each day you are taking individual steps … making individual decisions that are going to affect what you will be doing for the rest of your life.  We don’t often think about the magnitude of the choices we are making at the time we are making them.  This is one of the greatest advertisements for reading your Bible every day.  If you do not open this precious book and look for the direction you need, you will definitely have a hardened face when it comes to God’s leadership.  Think about it … God inspired every word in this Bible for your good and help.  If you don’t read the book He has put in your language and put in front of you, how will He ever lead you in other ways?

There is also a strong point that needs to be made to having a soft heart so that when God does lead you, you are willing to go wherever that might be.  It is not enough to see the plan of God; we must also do that plan as God directs.  I don’t want to be “bull-headed” when it comes to listening for God’s voice.  I want to have a softened heart when I read His Word and pray for direction.  I then want to do what He touches my heart to do without wavering.  I want to refuse to move from His clear leadership.

There have times in my life and ministry that I have known a clear calling from God to do something for Him.  There have almost always been those who whispered in my ear (sometimes yelled loudly), “Are you sure about this?  Did God really lead you this way, or is this your choice?”  I praise God for the times I stayed focused on what He had given me to do.  I regret the times I listened to them, and got off the track temporarily to explore other options.  I need the leading of God today.  I want to keep a soft heart that is easily moved by God.  I want to have an attentive ear to the call of God for me to go.  Will you join me today?

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